‘Escape From Tarkov’ bug lets players meet the mysterious Lightkeeper trader

Lightkeeper, Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games, NoiceGuy Tarkov.

After Escape From Tarkov players found a way to visit the mysterious Lightkeeper trader, developer Battlestate Games has confirmed that the method in question was only available due to a bug.

As spotted by The Loadout, yesterday (January 3) Escape From Tarkov content creator NoiceGuy Tarkov published a video detailing a method to reaching Lightkeeper, a trader who is physically located on the Lighthouse map.

The video shows that players could pass the trader’s typically impassible minefield and speak to him by holding the Digital Secure DSP Radio Transmitter, an item received by failing Skier’s ‘Bullshit’ task.

However, NoiceGuy Tarkov has since shared that Battlestate Games reached out to confirm that “none of what we did with the transmitter was supposed to happen like that,” and the way NoiceGuy received the Transmitter – as well as how it functioned – was not intentional.

“If you have the Transmitter you cannot cross anymore,” added NoiceGuy. “The mines will blow up.”

However, the bug showed that although players can’t reach him, Lightkeeper is physically in the game. Though it was a bug, NoiceGuy shared that the community “must be close” to discovering how to legitimately access Lightkeeper.

While Battlestate Games has not confirmed whether Lightkeeper can be accessed through intended methods, much of the Tarkov community believes that reaching him will be possible through later-game tasks that are already in the game.

While players are still searching for a way to meet Lightkeeper, there’s plenty of other new content to stay busy with. Escape From Tarkov wiped last week (December 28) and brought the new Streets of Tarkov map, along with 40mm grenade launchers and several new guns for players to get their hands on. For anyone struggling to escape with their loot on the new map, here’s every extraction point in Streets of Tarkov.

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