Epic Games to introduce child-friendly account option

Epic Games

Epic Games is set to introduce a child-friendly account type.

The introduction of cabined accounts will offer a “tailored experience that is safe and inclusive for younger players,” according to a statement from Epic Games on their website.

Among the new features, voice and text chat will be disabled, and players will not be able to buy games or add-ons, or download games that aren’t owned by Epic.

The Epic Games Launcher will reportedly still be available to use as long as Parental Controls are set in order to access certain features.

Epic maintains that younger fans will still be able to play FortniteFall Guys and Rocket League among others, only introducing a parental consent process to change the controls on the account.

RPG in a Box. Credit: Justin Arnold.
RPG in a Box. Credit: Justin Arnold.

Meanwhile, today (December 8) is the last day to download Fort Triumph and RPG in a Box for free on the Epic Games Store.

Fort Triumph is a tactical turn-based strategy game from developer CookieByte Entertainment. First released back in 2018, the game takes inspiration from XCOM’s combat system, combining them with a focus on world exploration inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic.

RPG in a Box meanwhile comes from developer Justin Arnold. The game offers its players the tools required to build their own voxel-based RPG adventure. The game’s Steam page explains that the game is designed to be beginner-friendly, without requiring any programming or modelling knowledge.

Earlier this year, Epic Games announced they were partnering with the Lego Group to “build a place for kids to play in the metaverse.”

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