Emma Myers Gives Jimmy Fallon a SEVENTEEN Crash Course on ‘The Tonight Show’: Watch

Emma Myers made her late-night talk show debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (Jan. 4). And before talking about anything else, she couldn’t help but rave over how much she loves SEVENTEEN.

“Emma, I wanted to ask you about this because I read this online, that you’re a big fan of a band,” said host Jimmy Fallon. “And when you’re talking to people, you like to introduce this band to people if they don’t know of this.”

The rising star quickly clarified that she only introduce people if asked, but when Fallon gave her the green light, she enthusiastically jumped in. “What is the name of the band?” Fallon asked, to which Myers replied, “SEVENTEEN.”


After sharing that she’s been part of CARAT for the past five years, since she was just 15 years old, the Wednesday actor went on to explain the dynamics of the K-pop boy band. “Yeah, that’s them,” she confirmed when Fallon brought out a picture of the idols, adding, “Only thirteen [members]…Thirteen in SEVENTEEN, yeah it’s a whole thing.”

“OK, I’ll explain the numbers,” Myers continued. “There’s thirteen of them, so that’s thirteen, right? And there are three different groups. You have hip-hop, performance and vocal. And then there’s one team. So thirteen plus three plus one is SEVENTEEN.”

As for which song Myers would recommend as an entry point for new fans discovering the band, she chose “To you” off their 2021 mini-album Attacca. “It’s really fun, it’s upbeat, it’s got a great story behind it, so…yeah, everybody listen to it!”

Watch Myers dish on SEVENTEEN and her role on Netflix’s Wednesday above.

Glenn Rowley