Elle King Cancels Trio of Radio Shows After Slipping on Stairs in the Night and Suffering Concussion

Elle King apologized to fans on Thursday (Dec. 8) after she was forced to cancel three shows this week following a slip-and-fall at home. The singer revealed in a note that she had an accident while feeding her newborn son, Lucky Levi.


“Just wanted to check in with a quick update and apologize to my fans in Tampa, Detroit and Seattle. I share your disappointment that I had to cancel my radio shows this week,” she said of pulling out of the gigs in Tampa (Dec. 7), Detroit (Dec. 8) and Seattle (Dec. 9). “No one ever wants to pull out of shows, especially me,” she continued.

“I live for performing. I slipped down the stairs making a bottle in the middle of the night, knocked my ass out, resulting in a concussion,” King explained. “I tired to push through and played 3 shows, but the travel, lights, all of it only exacerbated things.” King thanked all the artists who stepped in to fill her slots and the radio station sponsors for understanding.

King is preparing to release her first full-length country album, Come Get Your Wife (Jan. 27), which will feature her duet with Miranda Lambert, “Drunk (And I Don’t Want to Go Home),” as well as previously released tracks “Try Jesus,” “Out Yonder” and the Dierks Bentley duet “Worth a Shot.”

The singer is slated to hit the road again in February when she kicks off her A-Freakin-Men headlining tour on Valentine’s Day at the Fillmore New Orleans.

Check out King’s tweet below.

Gil Kaufman