Ed Sheeran reveals plans for new documentary about his life

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has revealed that a new documentary about his life is in the works.

The singer, who is set to take his ‘Mathematics’ world tour into 2023, revealed that the film has already begun shooting.

He told The Sun: “We are shooting a documentary at the moment about my life, and there was a big conversation about what we include.”

Of what will make it into the documentary, he added: “As long as it’s honest and it links in with a theme of something that’s in a song — there is no point in putting something in if it’s detrimental to my life.

“It is a very fine line, it is why I live in Suffolk and not in LA. My life as a celebrity is turned on when I am in New York, but at home I am a friend, a dad, a husband, a son,” Sheeran continued, about the balance between his music career and personal life. “You can’t bring celebrity baggage to home.”

Ed Sheeran performing live in 2022
Ed Sheeran performs live. CREDIT: Getty

Sheeran recently released a new single, ‘Celestial’, as part of the new Pokémon games Pokémon Violet and Pokémon Scarlet, going on to give the song its live debut last week during a appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

The singer-songwriter will embark on the Australasian leg of the ‘Mathematics’ tour in February 2023 with recently-added support from English pop artist Maisie Peters and Indigenous Australian singer Budjerah. The tour comes in support of his most recent studio album, ‘=’, which came out last October, and will mark his first trip Down Under since the record-breaking ‘÷’ tour in 2018.

Sheeran will then take the ‘Mathematics’ tour to North America from May through to September 2023. Support across the huge stadium dates will come from Khalid, Dylan, Rosa Linn, Cat Burns, Maisie Peters and Russ on differing dates.

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