Drake shares footage of him being arrested in Sweden


Drake has seemingly confirmed that he was arrested in Sweden last summer, sharing footage of the incident online.

In July 2022 speculation on social media suggested that the Canadian star had been taken into custody by local police at a Stockholm nightclub with the term “free Drake” trending on Twitter.

Representatives for the rapper then denied that he’d been arrested before Drake himself hinted that the alleged incident did in fact take place. In a post on Instagram, Drake appeared to suggest that he did in fact have some interaction with Swedish authorities, sharing a photo of a document from the Swedish National Police Board, titled “Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained.”

Now, to end 2022, Drake shared a new Instagram post that seemed to confirm the incident. A short caption read: “The funds are useful / the lyrics are truthful / the suspects are usual / the opps are delusional / the finish line is beautiful / and the disrespect is mutual / see you in 23.”

Alongside it, he shared a photo of himself and collaborator 21 Savage as well as phone footage seemingly showing him being detained in Sweden.

See the post below.

Elsewhere, pages of old lyrics that were apparently written by Drake have been found in a bin in Memphis.

TMZ reports that the handwritten lyrics were written at a time when the Toronto rapper was working on music in his uncle’s Memphis factory, and they were found in the dumpster when the factory was shut down. However, it hasn’t been possible to ascertain the exact year when they might have been written.

One page contains the lyrics of a song called ‘Come Spring’: “We’re in the age of conflict and knowledge / But we’re trapped in this cage of barbed wire and wreckage with the freedom to go to college / The freedom to indulge and dissolve ourselves in the process / The law says / You have witnessed / An audience in the race of silence.” 

This may or may not relate to Drake’s early track ‘Come Winter’, which was included on his 2006 mixtape ‘Room For Improvement’.

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