Drake gave DJ Khaled four luxury toilets for his birthday

Drake and DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled has thanked Drake for his 47th birthday gift – four luxury toilets.

The TOTO toilets have several state-of-the-art features, including a UV light for cleaning surfaces, an air deodoriser, heated seats, a bidet function and a Tornado flush system, according to Uproxx.

Khaled posted a video to Instagram to show off the toilet and thank Drake for his birthday gifts. “Drake real talk – my Queen and I been wanting this for our house!! thank u my brother!!” he wrote in the caption. “Nahhh this No regular toilet this that TOTO! Same model as the ones in the embassy I LIKE WHAT DRAKE LIKE!! Love brother!! Thank you for the gift.”

In the video, he went on to explain why “this is not no regular toilet bowl”, revealing that Drake also has the TOTO toilets in his house. “This is called a Toto toilet bowl. I’m not even joking, Drake, we’ve been wanting this. Me and my queen been talking about getting Totos for the whole house…”

“If you’ve ever been to Drake’s house, you know its worth $500million (£418million). It’s not about the money, it’s just about, he went and got the best of the best. He gifted us a few of these Toto toilet bowls … I ain’t try it yet, but I’m hearing there’s some music involved.”

He also revealed where he installed the toilets – his and his wife’s main bedroom, the guest bathroom, the home cinema and the studio bathroom, the latter of which will be reserved specifically for Drake.

DJ Khaled
DJ Khaled. Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Khaled has also begun renting out his shoe closet for fans to stay in via AirBnB for just $11 (£9.10) a night. “Sneakers are an essential part of hip-hop culture and collecting them is an art – just like creating music,” he said in a statement.

“We bring the same passion and energy to the shoe game as we do the studio. That’s why we’re excited to share our sneaker kingdom with fans and give them a chance to walk in our shoes, literally.”

Drake, meanwhile, has invested $100million (around £83million) into restoring a theme park called Luna Luna, which was designed by numerous famous 20th century artists. It opened in Hamburg, Germany, but closed soon after due to financial difficulties, which led to it staying in storage for decades.

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