‘Dragon’s Den’ star Deborah Meaden aims for Christmas number one with armpit fart song

Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden has entered the race for Christmas number one with an armpit fart song.

The tune features as part of a festive commercial for Fussy, a sustainable deodorant brand – you can watch it below.

The commercial stars a group of carol singer who perform a rendition of ‘Deck The Halls’ (with their armpits) to a stunned couple at their front door.

The song begins as one of the four members rips off the sleeve of his Christmas jumper and then starts tunefully patting on his bare armpit. He’s soon followed by a second man who lifts his arms to reveal a set of jingle bells that have been attached to his armpit hair.

Then, a woman who was previously hidden behind the group steps forward and begins to play the main melody with an array of moist armpit farts.

Finally, a fourth member begins using a violin bow on her unusually long armpit hair, all the while sporting a deeply sincere look on her face.

When the song comes to an end, the bemused couple eventually realise that the carol singers are waiting for money – which they will then donate to charity.

After the couple cautiously slip a £10 note onto the doormat, the camera then cuts up to the window, where Meaden is standing. The Dragon’s Den star then ends the advert with one final armpit fart.

‘The Fussy Pits – Deck The Halls’ is available on all major music platforms. Each download will stop 1kg of plastic entering the ocean, thanks to the brand’s partnership with Plastic Bank.

Meaden first came across the Fussy deodorant brand when it appeared on Dragon’s Den, with herself and fellow Dragon Peter Jones agreeing to invest in the product.

Speaking about the company and their hopes of a Christmas number one, Meaden told Metro.co.uk: “The amount of single-use plastic we throw away every year is just silly. So why not a silly song to help provide a solution!

“Now more than ever is the time to be Fussy about the brands and products we choose to support.”

Fussy’s armpit song will naturally face stiff competition for the Christmas number one slot, with Stormzy previously suggesting he has written a song worthy of the top spot.

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