Dr. Dre sends cease and desist to congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene over ‘Still D.R.E.’ use

Dr. Dre, Marjorie Taylor Greene

Dr. Dre has demanded that Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene cease the unauthorised usage of his music, after the rapper’s ‘2001’ song ‘Still D.R.E.’ was used in one of Greene’s promotional videos.

The controversial Georgia representative – who has a history of sharing far-right conspiracy theories and other extremist views – recently posted a video to her social media celebrating Kevin McCarthy’s election as House Speaker. In the since-removed clip, an instrumental taken from ‘Still D.R.E.’ can be heard playing.

As TMZ reports, Dre condemned Greene’s usage of the song, telling the publication: “I don’t license my music to politicians, especially someone as divisive and hateful as this one.”

Dre’s legal team also sent a letter to Greene demanding she cease using his music. “You are wrongfully exploiting this work through the various social media outlets to promote your divisive and hateful political agenda,” Dre’s attorney, Howard E. King, wrote in the letter. “Demand is hereby made that you cease and desist from any further unauthorized use of [Dr. Dre’s] music.”

Greene has long been an ally of Donald Trump, made antisemitic remarks, and spread conspiracy theories such as a belief in the widely-debunked Qanon. Early last year, her Twitter account was suspended after she violated the social network’s COVID-19 misinformation policy. She was elected to congress in 2020, and reelected last year.

According to TMZ, Greene has since been locked out of her Twitter account after Dre’s legal team requested the video be taken down by the social media company. In a statement, MTG addressed the rapper directly: “While I appreciate the creative chord progression, I would never play your words of violence against women and police officers, and your glorification of the thug life and drugs.”

Dr. Dre is the latest in a long line of artists who have demanded their music not be used without their permission by right-wing politicians. The likes of Neil Young, Rihanna, The Rolling Stones and Adele are among the many acts who spoke out against their music being played at Trump rallies, with some going as far as issuing cease and desists.

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