Doja Cat Explains Her Black Eye & Busted Lip Look at Paris Fashion Week

Doja Cat’s dramatic look stunned Paris Fashion Week attendees when the singer arrived for Balenciaga’s show on Sunday (Oct. 2). The reason wasn’t her outfit. No, it was because she was sporting a black eye and split lip and nose — all done with makeup.

The “Get Into It (Yuh)” singer explained that the look was based on her fatiguing Fashion Week experience. 


“This is my first fashion week, so I’m having a great time — but it’s definitely kicking my ass,” Doja said in an interview with Vogue. “I wanted to do something where I have a black eye, split nose, and split lip. But my lashes are really pretty — we made it glam at the same time”

In her video with the fashion magazine, Doja took viewers along as she prepared for the Balenciaga show. Her dark look featured a body-contouring off-the-shoulder Balenciaga wrap dress, a chunky chain necklace, and even bloody knuckles (painted on the way to the show of course). The singer’s recently shaven hair — black just a day before — was dyed a classic blonde. Her longtime hairstylist, J Stay Ready, revealed Doja’s wanted to shave her head for years, but he “wouldn’t let her.”

“I like a performance when it’s not on stage. I think it’s really fun,” said Doja. “I don’t get to do this all the time, and I feel like I’m entering a new stage. Yeah, I shaved off my eyebrows, but that allowed me to create a canvas for myself and for other incredible makeup artists. Life is too short.”

One of Doja’s Paris Fashion Week obstacles is her language skills, she revealed. She made a few slips during her time in France.

“The other day, I wanted to say ‘I’m so excited,’ and so I said Je suis excitée, and someone was like, ‘That means I’m horny,’” said Doja. “And I was like ‘I’ve been saying that for months …’”

Watch Doja Cat put her look together to attend the Balenciaga show below: