DJ Allure Drops Heater, ‘Work My Body’

A staple of his fever pitch live sets, “Work My Body” is the latest and greatest from Baltimore’s DJ Allure, and in our opinion one of his dopest yet. Allure says the record is already frequently sought after by his rapidly rising and highly engaged fan base:

“Work My Body is one of the most requested songs I have. It literally gets requested every set I play. I’m super excited to finally share this officially with the world. I know that Work My Body will be a staple for years to come.”

The record’s undeniably groovy baseline will keep party goers in the DMV and beyond moving their feet. Props to DJ Allure for continuing to turn out consistent quality every few weeks. It doesn’t seem like he’s choosing quality over quantity but more so like he’s one of the lucky few capable of doing both. “Work My Body” marks the Maryland-based DJ’s first drop on up and coming independent label Swaggertown Records.

The winning formula for artists today is not a one size fits all metric. However, some of the same qualities tend to pop up across the board: work ethic, consistency, and strategy. DJ Allure has all of the above. Salute the DJ and bump “Work My Body” wherever you stream and download today. Be sure to follow DJ Allure on Instagram too!

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: DJ Allure Drops Heater, ‘Work My Body’

Peter Berry

Your EDM