DJ 5 Day Forecast Announces Sophomore Single, “Baby I’m Good”

Getting your music to reach a wider audience and go viral is not easy in the highly-
competitive music scene. While the modern social media-driven industry has made it
easy for artists to release their music, this doesn’t create an opportunity for any song to
dominate the airwaves. Musicians still need to creatively tap into their authenticity to
release not only a classic hit but also a timeless tune that people can easily relate to.
This is the art executed by some musical legends, including Michael Jackson and
Whitney Houston, to mention a few.

Following the same path to musical glory is DJ 5 Day Forecast, a sensational producer,
songwriter, and DJ. Born and raised in Philadelphia, DJ 5 Day Forecast has grown to
become one of the top musical talents to watch out for in the industry. Music has been
part of DJ 5 Day Forecast’s life from childhood, and his dream is to rule the musical
waves. Learning from the best of the local and global scene, such as Cosmo Baker,
Royale, Sat One, and Rich Medina, the multi-genre producer has mastered his craft,
thrilling fans with his releases.

DJ 5 Day Forecast has become every partygoer’s favorite, thanks to his irresistible
charisma and undying love for the craft. Proving to be a cut above the rest, all his
releases have been hit after hit, and he is showing no signs of slowing down. His latest
sophomore single, “Baby I’m Good,” is a uniquely-crafted work of art and a clear
example of his capability. “Baby I’m Good” is a high-energy single with uptempo beats
that pumps up listeners with its danceable rhythm, not to forget the catchy hooks and
masterfully crafted layers.
DJ 5 Day Forecast’s debut track hit 50K streams across various platforms, and there is
no reason to think “Baby I’m Good” wouldn’t amass the same, if not more. The fantastic
summer vibes and infectious energy are a joy to listen to, helping DJ 5 Day Forecast
expand his brand of music while also alluring fans worldwide. According to DJ 5 Day

Forecast, the goal is to make all his releases streamed globally and for sure spread the
good vibes.
The versatile and ambitious producer is already hinting at plans to release a follow-up
project that will cement his position in the musical game. The producer is also working
on his debut EP, which he intends to drop in the coming months. He is also working on
a new track that samples Mya’s 2000 hit song “Case of the Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do).”
This is a unique and exciting project for DJ 5 Day Forecast as he aspires to work and
collaborate with other top musical talents.
To other young musicians, DJ 5 Day Forecast understands that the journey to success
isn’t easy, but there is always a way around every obstacle. He encourages everyone to
work hard and invest in their creativity and authenticity. Remember, the music scene is
crowded, and your originality will set you apart from the rest.

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Peter Berry

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