‘Diablo 4’ gets June 2023 release date in a gory new trailer

Diablo 4. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo 4 has received an official release date, and fans of Blizzard Entertainment‘s gory role-playing game will get their hands on it in June 2023.

The release date was confirmed during a new trailer at The Game Awards last night (December 9), revealing that the game will launch on June 6, 2023.

When it launches, Diablo 4 will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Cross-platform play and progression will be enabled, and console versions of the game will launch with couch co-op.

“We are excited to soon be opening the gates to our most brutal vision of Sanctuary yet with Diablo 4,” shared Rod Fergusson, general manager of Diablo, who said that 4 will fuse “the darkness of the original game” with “the progression elements of Diablo 2 and the visceral combat of Diablo 3, culminating in the vast, active overworld of Diablo 4.”

Fergusson added that Blizzard plans to support the game for “years to come” following confirmation that the game will be live service.

Earlier in the week, we published our preview of Diablo 4 and found a much-needed refinement of dungeon crawl design.”

“Diablo 4 isn’t reinventing the ARPG with bold new ideas, but it is refining several of the core tenets to make this a shining example of what an ARPG should be,” our preview reads, adding “fans left with a sour taste in their mouth over Diablo Immortal have a lot to be cautiously optimistic about.

Ahead of the release date announcement, we also sat down with Diablo 4‘s associate producer and associate director to discuss the upcoming game. Speaking to NME, the pair shared that Diablo 4 will be darker and “more dangerous” than any prior settings in the series –  and will have some “familiar faces” for fans to spot on their travels.

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