‘Destiny 2’ reveals Season of the Seraph with brand-new dungeon

Destiny 2 has revealed its new season, Season of the Seraph, which adds new seasonal activities, exotic weapons, storylines and more.

Destiny 2 has, in the past, been renowned for slowly teasing elements of its upcoming seasons prior to release. However, in a break from form, today (December 6) Bungie gave the first glimpse of the upcoming Season of the Seraph mere hours before its launch.

The trailer’s first words were “Rasputin: The Warmind” confirming fans’ suspicions that Rasputin would be making a return. Rasputin is a Warmind in the Destiny 2 universe – a form of military artificial intelligence defense system, all thought to have died in a catastrophic collapse.

However, Rasputin was brought back by the Iron Lords to protect humanity. Once it became clear that it could not survive whilst fighting the game’s ever-powerful Darkness entities, it reconfigured its core programming to prioritise survival and allied with the Darkness – under the control of Xivu Arath.

Now, Guardians will be tasked with infiltrating enemy lines throughout Season of the Seraph and taking control of Rasputin’s weaponised satellites. Specialised covert operations agents known as Seraphs will assist Guardians on their mission. Align with the Seraphs to neutralise “hordes of Wrathborn” enemies in heist battlegrounds. The season focuses on the Bray family’s history and relationship with the Warmind, Rasputin, currently being compromised by Xivu Arath.

This Friday (December 9), a new dungeon will unlock for those that own The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition or Dungeon Key. Whilst no further information has been given as yet, it will likely prove to be a difficult challenge.

An Exotic mission has also been added, titled Operation: Seraph’s Shield. This will see Guardians attempt to enter “the most impenetrable facility in the solar system” in the form of a platform above the Last City. Each week a new layer of security will become available to break through in order to “awaken” Rasputin.

On December 20, the Revision Zero weapon will be added to the season and in the weeks following its arrival, multiple catalysts can be acquired which add different perks to the new Exotic’s power.

Destiny 2. Credit: Bungie

The Revision Zero isn’t the only new Exotic for Season of the Seraph, as the Exotic submachine gun The Manticore will also be joining the shooter. Bungie has made a rank-100 ornament available for the gun, as well as a catalyst.

New weapons including a bow, auto-rifle and sniper have all been introduced which can be unlocked via the Season Pass or picked up as loot from completing activities. As well as this, a reprised weapon from Destiny 1 has also been added to the new Crucible Competitive Division – the Rose hand cannon.

As Season of the Seraph is the final season before the launch of Lightfall on February 28, 2023, Guardians are also tasked with completing Moments of Triumph challenges in order to celebrate the fifth year of Destiny 2.

Finally, Guardians can also welcome the return of The Dawning – a holiday-themed special event taking place in the Tower. During the event, Eva Levante returns to bake delicious treats made with “questionable ingredients” from December 13 until January 2.

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