‘Dead Island 2’ developer says remaking first ‘Dead Island’ would be a “mistake”

Dead Island 2

Jamie Worrall, the creative director behind Dead Island 2, has shared it “might be a mistake” if Dambuster Studios created a remake of the original Dead Island.

Speaking to The Loadout, Worrall shared that Dambuster Studios has no plans to remake or remaster Dead Island, which launched in 2011.

Additionally, the creative director believes that revisiting Dead Island would hinder publisher Deep Silver‘s attempts to move the series forward.

“I think that might be a mistake because we’ve already decided to move the franchise on with Dead Island 2, and I think it was the right decision creatively to do that,” shared Worrall, who added that “it’s best to leave it where it was — it did what it did”.

The sequel is set a decade after the first game and although it’s been the victim of numerous delays, the gory action game is now set to launch on April 21 — after Deep Silver announced an earlier release date in February.

‘Dead Island 2’. CREDIT: Dambuster Studios

Earlier this week, we published our hands-on preview with the PC version of Dead Island 2.

“As the game starts to unfold, Dead Island 2 starts to feel like something that can deliver on the promise of Big Dumb Fun, even if it might lack much for players looking for something more cerebral,” reads our preview.

“As with many of these games, the co-op – which we didn’t get to try during our preview – will likely operate as a multiplier for the fun times but currently Dead Island 2 currently feels more like an Army of the Dead-esque splatter-’em-up than a masterpiece. It’s bloody good fun though.”

In other gaming news, Guild Wars 2 publisher NCSoft has unveiled a “massive-scale” real-time strategy game titled Project G.

While a release date for Project G is yet to be announced, NCSoft has claimed the game will deliver a scale that has “not been witnessed in any other strategy games”.

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