‘Dead Cells’ update brings in crossovers from ‘Terraria’ and more

Dead Cells

Dead Cells, the roguelike platformer from Motion Twin and Evil Empire, has released a crossover-packed update that features the likes of Hotline Miami, Slay the Spire, Shovel Knight and more.

Following 2021’s Everyone is Here update which featured characters from Hollow Knight, Hyper Light Drifter, Blasphemous and Skul: The Hero Slayer amongst others, the new Vol. 2 version of the update adds guest appearances from another six games.

Yacht Club Games’ retro platformer Shovel Knight introduces a new outfit in Dead Cells as well as a new weapon called the King Scepter, which allows players to take on the appearance and weapon of the King Knight.

Hotline Miami from Dennaton Games brings a modernised bomber outfit with three different masks and a new baseball bat that can smash through doors and deal extensive critical damage, whilst Terraria’s Familiar outfit and Starfury weapon also arrive in Dead Cells.

Risk of Rain 2’s Commando outfit has also been added, as well as a laser glaive that can bounce a certain number of times, dealing increased damage per bounce. Slay the Spire’s Ironclad outfit and colourless power, known as the diverse deck, have also been added. The diverse deck will have four different cards with a draw, passive and discard effect.

Evil Empire explains that the Slay the Spire addition can be a bit complicated, but that “the current card has its passive in effect permanently,” and that by pressing the power button again to discard it and draw the next one, the player will trigger “the corresponding effects”.

Katana Zero makes an appearance with a Zero outfit as well as accompanying weapon simply described as “throwable objects”. Players can collect items from the ground with this equipped and throw them at enemies to stun them. Killing the enemies then returns the throwable charges, of which there are three.

There are also six new lore rooms added with the Everyone is Here Vol. 2 updatem which are inspired by familiar locations from the crossovers as well as six new mysterious book entries to unlock the outfits.

The full patch notes are available now on the Dead Cells website and the update is available for PC users, with a console release planned for the near future.

In other gaming news, the creator of the original Oculus Rift has modified a virtual reality headset to enable it to kill users “in real life”.

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