‘Cura Local’: Carin Leon’s Christmas Gift to Himself is Trending on YouTube

Barely a week ago, Carin León was announcing the release of his conceptual live album Cura Local (En Vivo) as a “treat” he wanted to give himself for Christmas. On Thursday (Dec. 22), three of its videos are trending on YouTube, including the one for “Dame Un Beso Y Dime Adiós” featuring Grupo Yndio, at No. 1. 

Released on Dec. 15 under his own record label, CL Music, Cura Local (En Vivo) includes 33 covers of songs that Carin León grew up listening to, like “Línea Telefónica,” also by Yndio; Roy Rosas’ “Cuando Toque Mi Piel,” and Los Apsons’ “Triste Luna.” 

“I wanted to bring together the great artists from Hermosillo, those that I listened to in my childhood and my teens, and have the world see them,” the singer explained in a press conference in his native Hermosillo, Sonora, in northwestern Mexico, the day before the release. “We have a unique flavor and I want people to understand much more about Carin and my connection with these people, who are part of my DNA.”

“In Sonora, from the 70s to the 2000s, we had our own sound; we had our own way of sounding like a band, like a norteño. With all due respect to my Regional Mexican colleagues, we have always been different here, we have never wanted to look like anyone else, not even in the way we dress,” he added, surrounded by some of the acts featured in the album, such as Los Honorables, Manuel “El Indio” Ortega, Oscar Toscano, Roy Rosas, Alex Ramírez and Grupo Yndio. 

Of the 33 songs in the set, 28 have music videos, three of which were trending on YouTube Thursday morning: “Dame Un Beso y Dime Adiós” featuring Grupo Yndio, at No. 1 with more than 3.8 million views; “Línea Telefónica” also with Yndio, at No. 12 with over 950,000 views; and “Déjenme Llorar” featuring Martín Ramos, at No. 20 with 600,000 views. The total views for the album’s videos already surpass 10 million. 

According to a detailed report by Oplaai, a company that distributes León’s music, from Dec. 15-19 Cura Local (En Vivo) exceeded 4.5 million streams, with Spotify being the main platform, followed by Apple Music. 

Prior to these stats, the singer assured at the press conference that more volumes will be released “because there’s still a lot of music to rescue,” and pointed out that “although singles prevail these days, I still think of making albums and concepts.” 

Here are the 10 most-viewed videos for Cura Local in its first week: 

1. “Dame un Beso y Dime Adiós”, Carin León Ft. Grupo Yndio 

2. “Línea Telefónica”, Carin León Ft. Grupo Yndio 

3. “Déjenme Llorar”, Carin León Ft. Martín Ramos 

4. “Cuando Toque mi Piel”, Carin León Ft. Roy Rosas 

5. “Abrígame”, Carin León Ft. Alex Ramírez 

6. “Celos”, Carin León Ft. El Boca Aguada 

7. “Triste Luna”, Carin León Ft. Los Apson 

8. “Presa de tu Amor”, Carin León Ft. Manuel “El Indio” Ortega 

9. “Las Higueras”, Carin León Ft. Fabián Gómez 

10. “Tal Vez Sea Mejor”, Carin León Ft. Fabián Gómez 

Sigal Ratner-Arias