‘Cult of the Lamb’ launches Blood Moon Festival for Halloween

Cult Of The Lamb. Credit: Massive Monster.

Cult of the Lamb has introduced a brand new event for Halloween in the form of the Blood Moon Festival, which adds a new ritual, decorations and follower forms.

In a new trailer posted to publisher Devolver Digital’s YouTube account, the spooky season appears to be in full swing as devotees harvest pumpkins in order to unlock a brand new ritual. This ritual can then raise former members of the cult and bring them back to life as “wandering spirits”.

These wandering spirits won’t be around for long though, as the blood moon ritual “illuminates the dead” for only three days, at a cost of 40 pumpkins. The leader of the cult can then chase and catch the ghosts of dead followers.

New unlocks including a blood moon tree, which only grows during the blood moon, have been added, as well as decorations including flower-filled skulls.

In addition to the new ritual and cosmetics, an assortment of new follower forms including ones exclusively for Twitch followers, have been added. The first of which is a raven, who’s beak one YouTube user noticed, “just sits uselessly on the side of his head.” Also joining the follower ranks is a bat-eared horned devil.

The event will run until November 10 and includes, in total:

  • New Blood Moon ritual
  • Three new follower forms to unlock
  • Four base decorations to unlock
  • New music

Fans of the game had commented on the video announcement to express mixed opinions, with one user saying that they “feel like the game could use a much beefier mechanical update to keep people playing” due to the fact that “the current gameplay loop becomes a chore long before the credits roll”.

In other news, Fallout 4 will receive a free next-gen update in 2023.


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