‘Cocaine Bear’ hands acting debut to viral ‘IKEA guy’

Cocaine Bear

Those looking forward to the upcoming comedy-horror-thriller Cocaine Bear have noted the inclusion of a surprise cast member.

Based on true events, the adrenaline-filled movie tells the story of a black bear that ingests a large bag of cocaine, causing it to go on a drug-fuelled rampage.

The first official trailer dropped earlier this week, and while many have been excitedly reacting to its promise of apex predator chaos, others have shown an even greater interest in one of its stars.

The actor in question is Scott Seiss, who will be familiar to many TikTok users as the ‘IKEA guy’.

Seiss went viral over the past year thanks to a series of videos on the app, in which he comically mocks IKEA customers, fellow employees and management staff. Seiss himself worked at the Swedish furniture store before pursuing a career as a stand-up comedian and actor.

You can watch a collection of his viral videos below.

In the trailer, Seiss’s character is one of the first to fall victim to the rampaging bear, after he comes face-to-face with it in a truck stop bathroom.

“I told y’all I was in #CocaineBear,” he tweeted following the release of the trailer.

The film also stars Ray Liotta, in what is his final performance following his death in May this year.

The Americans actor Keri Russell, Margo Martindale, Alden Ehrenreich, O’Shea Jackson Jr, and Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson also feature in the upcoming film, which is director by Elizabeth Banks.

“This is EXACTLY the tone I was hoping for from #CocaineBear,” tweeted Bloody Disgusting editor John Squires in response to the trailer.  “A comedy-thriller-horror-action hybrid about a coked-out bear going on a killing spree. So many studios wondering why they can’t get people to go see their movies. This is how. How can you NOT buy a ticket to this?!”

Cocaine Bear will be released in UK cinemas in February 2023.

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