Circus Records releases new Cookie Monsta single two years after his passing, w/ Flux Pavilion & Koven

Two years ago, the world lost an exceptional talent when it was announced that Cookie Monsta, real name Tony Cook, had passed away. Part of the original guard for Circus Records, along with Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, FuntCase, and Roksonix, Cookie’s impact on the world of music, though most particularly bass music, is indefatigable.

Today, on the two year anniversary of his death, Circus Records has shared a posthumous release from Cookie, with Flux Pavilion and Koven, “I’m Delighted.” The song is almost painfully beautiful, with heart-wrenching guitar riffs and Katie Boyle’s now instantly-recognizable, powerful voice.

“Tony loved cinematic music and always wanted to write it, that was the concept behind this record,” said Flux Pavilion. “He had been struggling with writing, so I was like ‘what do you want to do, let’s just do that.'”

He continued, “The craziest thing for me is the emotion, when Katie [Koven] sent that vocal, both Tony and I were blown away. Then to come back and work on it posthumously, it became an incredibly deep and meaningful process for Katie, Max and myself. Shortly before he passed away, the last text Tony sent me was replying about this track, he said ‘gorgeous, analogue as f*ck.’ When we came back to finishing the song, that was all the guidance we needed to finish it off the way he would have wanted.”

“This project has been very emotional and special to us,” shared Koven. “Since this track was originally started as a collaboration with Flux and Cookie, then Flux came to us with the idea of finishing the track as a tribute to Tony (Cookie) we were very touched. We are honoured to have worked on this track in his memory.”

Circus Records said, “To finally release ‘I’m Delighted’ is a bittersweet moment, it’s tough for all to go back to a piece of music that was born in the final few months of our friend and brother’s journey. But it is a wonderful, emotionally charged song and the world deserves to hear it. Flux Pavilion & Koven were very clear that their royalties for the song should go to Oliver, Cookie’s son, Circus Records will do the same.”

Indeed, profits and all artist shares will be donated to Cookie Monsta’s son, Oliver. Listen below.


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