Cavetown Hops Toward Love on ‘Frog’ to Help Raise Money for LGBTQ Causes

Frogs may not the first thing you think of when it comes to romance, but that’s not stopping indie singer-songwriter Cavetown from writing a tender love song about them.

On Wednesday (Oct. 19), Cavetown — known off stage as Robin Skinner — debuted his new single “Frog” off his upcoming album Worm Food (out Nov. 4 via Sire Records). The shimmery folk ballad follows Skinner as he proclaims his love for his partner through the lens of “two amphibian lovers.”

The accompanying video follows a similar vein: Skinner, seated on a toadstool in the middle of a mushroom-covered bog, sings plainly into the camera. Meanwhile, his bandmates back him up with drums and guitars all made out of sticks and twigs, adding even more to the swampy aesthetic. “I’m your frog/ Kiss me better all night long,” Skinner sings throughout the clip.

It may seem like an odd statement to make, but that’s sort of the point. Skinner explained in a statement that the song is something of an inside joke with his girlfriend. “We were both too shy to ask each other to be boyfriend and girlfriend, so one day I showed her a frog meme that said, ‘GF stands for girl-frog and BF stands for boy-frog and I said, ‘that’s us!'” he wrote. “She makes me feel better when I’m too inside my head and helps me remember to be present with the ones I care about.”

To better underscore the loving theme of the song, Skinner also announced the start of his new charitable organization, the This Is Home Project. Aimed at helping LGBTQ youth in need of physical or mental healthcare, housing or legal representation, the This is Home Project will sell its own merch as well as providing various donation options for its members to give back to the community.

“I’m so excited to finally share this with u!!!” Skinner wrote in a statement. “I wanted to create a way to better support young LGBTQ+ people who are in need of financial help and resources, both on an individual and community-wide scale.”

Check out Cavetown’s new music video for “Frog” below, and learn more about the This Is Home Project here.

Stephen Daw