Cardi B Offers Her Hilarious Hot Takes on ‘The Crown’ Season 5: ‘Camilla Think She Slick’

It’s safe to say Cardi B is invested in The Crown. On Thursday (Dec. 7), the superstar took to social media to share her thoughts as she continued binging Season 5 of the hit Netflix drama.


Most of the rapper’s hottest takes had to do with the illicit romance between then-Prince Charles (Dominic West) and Camilla Parker Bowles (Olivia Williams) as well as the couple’s blatant manipulation of Princess Diana (played by Elizabeth Debicki) as they carried on their affair.

“Why would Charles want Diana to hang out with Camila? THE NERVE the f–k !” she wrote in one tweet, misspelling Bowles’ name, adding minutes later, “Camila think she slick sending congrats notes to Diana ….I wish a b—h would” with an unimpressed emoji.

Cardi also offered her Twitter followers some sage dating advice based on her reaction to the quasi-historical drama. “One thing I notice is that Camila treat Charles like s–t ….Sooo ladies if you want a man to chase you act like THE CHASE don’t do the CHASING!” (For the record, Netflix regarded Season 5 as a fictional dramatization” in both the season trailer and series description, though chose not to run a disclaimer at the top of each episode.)

The “Hot S–t” rapper first got into the new season of the royal drama last month, when she tweeted the following around Thanksgiving: “Watching The Crown just shows you that you can be the queen of England or you can be the girl next door, we all got the same problems with men…stay safe.”

Read Cardi’s amusing tweetstorm about The Crown below.

Glenn Rowley