Cannibal Corpse’s Corpsegrinder poses with mall Santa and donates toys to charity

George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher

Cannibal Corpse frontman George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher recently showed his wholesome side once again, taking photos with a mall Santa and donating toys from a claw grabber machine to charity.

Despite the death metal band’s penchant for disturbing, horror-inspired imagery, longtime fans will know that away from the Cannibal Corpse, Corpsegrinder’s personality is anything but fearsome. He took to Instagram to share photos of him with Santa sat on his lap, with the accompanying caption: “Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!!! @truebelieveraz and yours truly with the best Mall Santa ever!!!”

Corpsegrinder then shared a photo of the stuffed animals he won from a claw grabber machine in a Walmart. He has a long history of using his claw grabber skills for good, often donating the toys he wins to charity.

“The last two trips to my local @walmart have been very productive! More stuffed animals for donations!!! Happy Holidays!!!” he wrote.

Corpsegrinder has previously spoken about how he honed his claw grabber machine skills – “I play the claw,” he said in an interview with Metal Hammer last year. “I’m like a kid at Disney; I’m looking what’s in there, and then I’m looking at how it’s sitting inside of there. Is there something on top of it? Do I have to move that? As soon as I see how the claw reacts, I’ll know if I’m gonna win.”

On donating the prizes to charity, he added: “I just like to play the claw machines. I save up quarters, and when I win we gonna donate them for kids for Christmastime or whatever [sic].

“If there’s a humanoid figure or a creature with arms or legs, I will try to get the claw in between the legs and the shoulder. If I can’t do that because it’s laying at an angle, then I’ll try to move it to a spot where it will be in the right space. But if I pick up something up and you are around watching me, you are not allowed to say anything. When it drops in the hole and it’s down in the bottom where I grab it, then you can say, ‘You got it!’ But if you say anything while it’s in the claw… that’s when you see me mad.”

Cannibal Corpse’s most recent album, ‘Violence Unimagined’, was released last year.

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