‘Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ sequel reportedly in the works

a still from the Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare official reveal trailer

Sledgehammer Games is working on a sequel to Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, it is being reported.

According to insider Ralph Valve, Sledgehammer will revisit the futuristic combat of Advanced Warfare (2014) following the relatively poor performance of its latest title from the series, 2021’s Call Of Duty: Vanguard.

Valve, who’s previously leaked accurate information about Activision’s hit first-person shooter, shared details on the potential sequel in a new article for What If Gaming. He claims that the next Advanced Warfare game is slated for a 2025 release.

As Game Spot notes, however, CharlieIntel has shared conflicting information. Yesterday (October 5), the site tweeted: “I have heard that there is no Advanced Warfare 2 currently in development at Sledgehammer Games, despite the rumours today.

“Not fully clear yet what Sledgehammer Games is working on.”

But in response to CharlieIntel’s post, COD leaker GhostOfHope said that they have also “heard and can corroborate that Sledgehammer is working on a successor to Advanced Warfare“.

CharlieIntel suggested that one of the reasons the Advanced Warfare 2 rumour was dismissed is because a new Call Of Duty game is slated to arrive in 2024. That date would mean Activision wouldn’t be giving the next COD title a two-year cycle.

However, GhostOfHope said that he believes “Treyarch are getting a 2 year cycle on their game”, adding that they “disagree with that part of the leak from Ralph” regarding the supposed 2025 launch.

“I assume that Treyarch getting 2 years is still potentially not settled in studio yet so [Valve] hearing 1 year lifecycle instead of the 2 years I’ve heard it makes sense why he would hear 2025 instead of 2026,” they continued.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, meanwhile, is due to launch on October 28. Infinity Ward recently published a blog that outlined what the developer plans to change before the game’s release.

In the post, Infinity Ward shared that although there has been “more positive” feedback regarding Modern Warfare 2‘s loud footsteps, the studio has seen fans’ “continued feedback on the volume of footsteps and will continue to balance enemy/friendly footstep audio ahead of launch”.

The developer went to to say that “enemy visibility” was also an issue that “came up throughout both weekends of our beta”.

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