BTS’ V Taps Into His Inner Equestrian in ’Me, Myself & V’ Concept Film

BTS‘ V has been a superstar in the 2010s and 2020s, but what if he traveled back in time to the ’40s or ’50s?

In the K-pop idol’s photo folio concept film, which arrived on Wednesday (Dec. 7), fans see him donning some of the classy hallmarks of yesteryear in a stunning video. To fit the vintage theme, the video — titled “Me Myself and V, ‘Veautiful Days'” — starts off in a sepia tone before cutting to black-and-white footage of him reading an elaborately bound book in the grass while wearing an all-white suit and a hat with a wide brim.

Some of vintage V’s interests include gazing through telescopes, riding a bicycle through the countryside and spending time with majestic horses.


Fans were impressed by the beauty of the concept film. One Twitter user wrote, “V is breathtakingly beautiful and his old soul comes right through with his concept. Thank you #V…If Tae ever decides to do a period drama/movie (actually I’d watch no matter what) I will be first in line to watch.” Another user added, “Taehyung’s soul is genuine and romantic. It’s elegant, royal and veautiful like I’m lost for words right now.”

The release date for V’s forthcoming book of photos has yet to be announced, but the photo folio gives fans something to look forward to while they wait for his solo album. The K-pop singer hopped on Korean media platform Weverse in March and answered a couple of questions regarding the anticipated release of his solo music. He told an inquiring fan that he will “release it within the year,” according to a translation by Koreaboo.

Watch V’s photo folio in the video above.

Starr Bowenbank