Bros’ Matt Goss wants Idris Elba to play him in a biopic

Matt Goss has jokingly claimed that he’d like Idris Elba to play him in a biopic about his life.

Speaking to for their Guilty Pleasures section, the Bros legend shared his vision for a “warts-and-all” biographical drama about him and his twin brother Luke.

“Our lives have almost been science-fiction,” said Matt. “Luke was born, they cut the umbilical cord, didn’t know my mum was having twins – that I was still in there. That’s how I’ve always wanted the film to start.”

Asked who would play him and Luke in the film, Goss pondered: “That’s a hard one,” before joking: “Idris Elba”

Elsewhere in the interview, the Bros frontman said that the biopic wouldn’t shy away from the darker moments in the lives, including the car accident that led to the tragic death of their sister Carolyn.

Touching on the loss of their sibling, which came at the height of their fame in ’80s, Goss explained: “It was surreal, coming back and having 700 people at your house, knowing you’re going into some terrible news, then three days later you’re doing Terry Wogan.”

Bros members Matt and Luke Goss. CREDIT: Getty Images

While discussing other incidents that could make it into the film, Goss opened up about the time he broke his tailbone on stage.

“They had to almost snap it back into place,” he said. “It was the single most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. “Who knew? We’re robust fellas, until you flick us in the coccyx!”

A potential biopic would come on the back of 2018’s After The Screaming Stops, the much-quoted documentary about the brotherly pop duo’s 2017 London O2 Arena show.

The documentary – which NME previously described as part Spinal Tap, part The Office, part Alan Partridge (and even, at points, somewhat poignant) – became a hit on BBC iPlayer following its premiere on BBC Four.

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