Brockhampton Prepares to Go Out With a Bang on Final Album ‘The Family’: See the Teasers

Fans of Brockhampton can officially rest a little easier — the collective is finally announcing their latest project.

In a series of YouTube clips posted on Thursday (Oct. 27), Brockhampton announced their upcoming “final album” The Family, due out Nov. 17 via Question Everything and RCA Records. The official album teaser shows three men digging through a bag of stolen goods that are seemingly useless — a rubber duck, some small army figurines, gelatinous goo — before discovering an old iPod. Putting in the earbuds one at a time, the trio stop arguing and start to vibe.

The group also posted a short retrospective video called “I Miss the Band Already,” showing archival footage of the band throughout their Saturation era as the come up with the triple album’s title, jot down ideas for how to market it and more, all while Kevin Abstract‘s voice croons over the footage. “I love these n—-s so much,” he sings. “God please don’t make me grow up.”

The news comes six months after the band announced that their next album would be their last during a much-hyped Coachella set in April. During the performance, they played a clip of Abstract sitting everyone in the band down and telling them he’d made a “group album” in New York, before showing a screen that read “THE FINAL ALBUM 2022.”

The collective then went on an “indefinite hiatus” following the performance, canceling their remaining world tour dates. In the time since, Abstract has occasionally teased updates, but had not confirmed details about the release of the hip-hop boy band’s final album until Thursday.

Watch the teasers for Brockhampton’s upcoming album The Family below:

Stephen Daw