Broadcaster Bob Costas Accidentally Mixes Up Justin Bieber & MLB Star Shane Bieber

Is it too late now for Bob Costas to say “Sorry”? The legendary broadcaster had a minor, lighthearted slip-up while working the New York Yankees vs. Cleveland Guardians game.

According to a video shared by TMZ from the game, during Game 2 of the American League Division Series on Friday afternoon (Oct. 14), Costas accidentally mixed up the name of Guardians’ pitcher Shane Bieber with pop star Justin Bieber at the top of the sixth inning.

“Justin Bieber just threw his 84th pitch,” he said, before he quickly realized his mistake and joked, “Did I actually call Shane Bieber ‘Justin Bieber?’ I vowed that would not happen.”

TMZ also talked to Shane after the game, and the 27-year-old baseball player was a good sport about the whole thing, saying that it just “a matter of time” before the mistake happened.

Back in 2019, a Topps baseball card of Shane featured the name of the pop star, not the player. Shane even joke about it on Twitter, sharing a picture of the card, circling Justin’s name on it and writing, “Nice.”

Justin later replied, tweeting, “I feel like we have a special connection.”

A few weeks after that, Justin took the joke even further. The “Love Yourself” singer shared a photo of himself riding around on a motorcycle wearing a black jersey with “Not Shane Bieber” written across the shoulders. During Player’s Weekend, where ballers were allowed to wear jerseys with their nicknames on them, Shane busted out a black jersey that read “Not Justin.”

Rania Aniftos