Britney Spears on documentaries about her life: “They were trash and nothing more than trash”

Britney Spears has spoken on the litany of documentaries made about her life in recent years, calling them “nothing more than trash” on Twitter today (November 10).

Last year, three documentaries were released which focused on Spears’ meteoric rise to fame and the legal battle around her 13-year conservatorship, which officially came to an end in November, 2021. FX’s Framing Britney Spears and Controlling Britney Spears, and Netflix’s Britney vs. Spears were among the documentaries to chronicle the pop star’s life, as well as the CNN special Toxic: Britney Spears’ Battle for Freedom.

Spears began her statement by sarcastically thanking “the head people who did all the documentaries to help free Brit”, before referencing her former assistant, identified as Felicia Culotta. “The best part to me was when my old assistant talked about how I went through the neighborhood passing out 100 dollar bills when my first song came out,” she wrote.

“I wish I could go inside the heads of people like my dad and her and really try to understand why people lie and make up such things like that.” Spears went on to lament their participation in the documentaries given that her conservatorship battle was “already bad enough.”

“Every person that sat there in those docs knew”, the singer wrote, “So my so called “friends” wait to speak in trash documentaries… Where was the passion to help me when I called them in that place… When they realized I finally got to speak at court for the first time and revealed what was done?”

Spears also referenced a former stylist, whose appearance in the documentaries – along with that of other participants – she described as just “for show.” Spears elaborated on what she called the “deception” of the documentaries in “claiming to help” her.

“Everybody is getting together and doing the trashiest docs I’ve ever seen in my life saying it’s TO HELP ME?”, she wrote. “I think the meanest part was the deception in claiming it was to help me … I don’t think it helped me !”.

Elsewhere in the statement, Spears criticised the content of the documentaries themselves, calling them “humiliating” and “nothing more than trash” and writing that they reduced her to “a robot or science experiment”. Instead, Spears insisted that she is “a valued soul” before elaborating on the emotional impact of the public attention brought on by the conservatorship and documentaries.

“I miss my love of people… I miss feeling accepted and not feeling bullied or scared by the people I would literally die for… I miss having conversations with enlightened people”, she wrote. Spears also spoke about the nerve damage she suffers from on the right side of her body, which results in her hands going numb whenever she doesn’t “get enough oxygen to my brain.”

She continued: “I do believe that when I was in that place I may have gotten serious mental trauma from not breathing normally … my nerve damage shoots from my hand up to my back, neck, and to the right side of my head.” The singer admitted that she hasn’t consulted a doctor about the condition because she’s “terrified of them after what they did to me before”.

Spears concluded the post with a message of hope, saying that the nerve damage is less severe “when I dance and sing and praise”.

Spears’ criticism of her onscreen portrayal comes a day after she shot down actress Millie Bobby Brown’s idea to play her in a biopic. Brown said in an interview that Spears’ story “resonates” with her, and claimed she “could tell her story in the right way.” In response, Spears posted an Instagram yesterday (November 9) mentioning the idea, writing “I hear about people wanting to do movies about my life … dude I’m not dead.”

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