Britney Spears dislikes Millie Bobby Brown movie idea: “I’m not dead!”

Britney Spears has seemingly shot down the idea of Millie Bobby Brown portraying her in a potential biopic.

Appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show on Monday (November 7) to promote her new film Enola Holmes 2, the Stranger Things star said she that she wants to play Spears as her story personally “resonates” with her.

Brown, who also rose to fame at a young age, said: “I think her story, first of all, resonates with me. Just growing up in the public eye, watching her videos, watching interviews of when she was younger.

“I mean, same thing with you [Barrymore]. I see the scramble for words [in her interviews]. And I don’t know her, but when I look at pictures of her, I feel like I could tell her story in the right way – and hers only.”

Millie Bobby Brown attends the premiere of 'Stranger Things' season four in New York
Millie Bobby Brown attends the premiere of ‘Stranger Things’ season four in New York. Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

However, Spears appeared to be unimpressed by the suggestion when mentioning it in a recent Instagram post.

“I hear about people wanting to do movies about my life … dude I’m not dead !!!” Spears wrote.

Elsewhere in the post, she spoke out against her parents and the controversial conservatorship she was under for 13 years until 2021.

She wrote: “Good news, good news !!! Still breathing … it’s funny the same two people who gave me life are the same exact 2 people who took it away … but guess what !!! I’m alive and I’m breathing again !!!”

Earlier this year, Brown also revealed that she’d like to play Halsey in biopic, after the singer personally suggested her for the role.

“Millie would be so great. It’s kind of uncanny how much we look alike. It’s like, ‘Oh no, we actually look like sisters,'” said Halsey during an appearance The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Brown later took to her Instagram stories with a screenshot of the interview, adding the caption: “soooo down [for the biopic]”.

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