Britney Spears deactivates her official Instagram account

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has once again deactivated her official Instagram account.

The singer’s profile is no longer visible on the social media platform. It comes after Spears appeared to end her feud with her younger sister Jamie Lynn by sharing a gushing tribute on Instagram last week.

In the post Britney told her followers that she was “thinking about” Jamie Lynn, whom she described as her “heart”.

Referencing her sibling’s upcoming reality TV show Special Forces: The Ultimate Test, the star continued: “Congratulations on being so brave, inspiring, and showing guts and glory in your show!!! You ain’t alone… if anybody knows what that feels like… I get it. My baby sister!!! I love you!!!”

Many fans were confused by the message in question given Britney’s widely publicised dispute with Jamie Lynn in recent years. This January the latter was sent a cease and desist letter by Britney’s lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, demanding that she stop talking about her sister “derogatorily” while promoting her memoir Things I Should Have Said.

Britney also recently paid an emotional tribute to her estranged sons Jayden James and Sean Preston on Instagram.

Some of Britney’s fans have since expressed their concern following the artist’s recent posts and subsequent departure from Instagram.

Britney Spears performing live on-stage
Britney Spears performs live. CREDIT: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

As Contact Music reports, the singer temporarily departed Instagram last month after refusing to appear in her husband Sam Asghari’s live broadcast on the site. She quit the platform in August too, following the release of her Elton John collaboration ‘Hold Me Closer’.

At the time Britney said that she had been feeling “overwhelmed” as she prepared to return to music after a six-year hiatus.

“I’m learning everyday is a clean slate to try and be a better person and do what makes me happy … yes I choose happiness today,” she wrote. “I tell myself every day to let go of the hurt bitterness and try to forgive myself and others to what may have been hurtful.”

Britney has since explained that it’s unlikely she’ll ever perform live again after past experiences left her “traumatised”.

Over the summer she shared a lengthy voice memo about her 13-year conservatorship and life since it was terminated in November 2021.

This year has seen Britney publicly express numerous grievances against members of her family including her brother Bryan. In January she said: “My family loves to pull me down and hurt me always so I am disgusted with them.”

In July, she accused her mother, Lynne, of being abusive to her in the past. Last year, the star stated that she wanted to have her father, Jamie, charged for conservatorship abuse.

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