Bono’s daughter Eve Hewson shares humorous response to ‘nepo babies’ conversation


Bono‘s daughter, actor Eve Hewson, has shared a humorous response to the ongoing “nepo babies” conversation online.

In recent days, conversation has been raging online after an article discussing ‘The Nepotism Babies Of Hollywood’ was published, with many calling out the amount of successful people in the music and entertainment industry with famous parents.

In a series of tweets, Hewson made light of the conversation, writing: “Gonna get Nepo Baby tattooed on my ass.”

Later, the Bad Sisters star added: “Actually pretty devastated i’m not featured in the nepo baby article like haven’t they seen my hit show Bad Sisters??? The NERVE.”

In further tweets, Hewson joked that her 2023 “goals” were to “be successful enough to get recognised as a nepo baby,” then being alerted to an article in which she is included in a list of such people.

In response, she wrote: “I HAVE JUST BEEN MADE AWARE I HIT MY 2023 GOALS AND IT’S STILL 2022.”

Last month, Anaïs Gallagher and Zoë Kravitz responded to criticism of them being labelled “nepotism babies”.

Gallagher, who is the daughter of Noel Gallagher and Meg Mathews, is a photographer and has worked as a model in the past. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Anaïs said it would be “tone deaf and irresponsible” if she didn’t admit the “leg up” in life her upbringing had given her.

Kravitz, who like her father Lenny Kravitz is a musician, is also an actor like her mother Lisa Bonet, and has starred in the recent The Batman movie and the High Fidelity television series.

Despite admitting a “deep insecurity” about her success as an actor being viewed as less because of her parents, she defended being a “nepo baby”.

This week, Lily Allen has entered the discourse around “nepo babies,” highlighting those people “should be worrying about”.

The singer and daughter of actor Keith Allen has become the latest to wade into the discussion, saying in a series of tweets that she literally deserve[s] nothing” because of where she came from, and that professionals in other industries who have benefitted from nepotism are the real problem.

“The nepo babies y’all should be worrying about are the ones working for legal firms, the ones working for banks, and the ones working in politics,” she tweeted this week.

“If we’re talking about real world consequences and robbing people of opportunity. BUT that’s none of my business.”

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