Bono Tells Taylor Swift He’s a ‘Swiftie’ on ‘Graham Norton Show’

Will Taylor Swift and Bono collaborate on a song someday?

Graham Norton brought up the idea of the stars working together when they both appeared on the same episode of The Graham Norton Show in the U.K. on Friday (Oct. 28). Bono was promoting his new book, Surrender, while Swift was invited to the show to speak about her new album, Midnights.

“Have you worked together?” Norton asked the pair.


“Not yet,” Swift replied, but added: “We’re gonna talk about it later.”

Swift might have been teasing the audience — but based on the U2 frontman’s enthusiasm for her work, the potential idea might not be completely out of the question.

“I’m a Swiftie,” Bono announced. Touched by that statement, Swift put her hand to her heart.

“He’s so nice he sent me roses when I played in Dublin,” Swift said. “He doesn’t want to take credit … He’s a truly great person. He’s just that great and thoughtful, just the best there is.”

“I better have a drink,” a bashful Bono said.

Before launching into conversation about their respective new projects — as well as those of fellow guests actor Eddie Redmayne and athlete Alex Scott — Norton also broke the ice by sharing photos of some from their earliest live performances, including Swift playing for a very niche Nashville crowd when she was 14.

“This was a big deal for me,” the “Anti-Hero” singer said, looking at the snapshot. “I was 14 and it was an event called the Nashville Rubber Duck Race, and it is exactly how it sounds. They would put rubber ducks in the river and see who won, and I was the official entertainment.”

“That was the whole crowd,” she said of the three people in the picture.

Swift also spoke about the concept behind Midights, re-recording her earlier albums, making a short film based on “All Too Well” and a miserable audition/screen test she once had with Redmayne. And although she revealed absolutely nothing about her next tour, she did say one would happen “soon-ish.”

See the moment Bono shared his Swiftie status — and Swift’s reaction — in a fan-shared clip of the show below.

Ashley Iasimone