Bono hints that U2 will play Las Vegas in 2023

Bono. Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Bono has hinted that U2 will play in Las Vegas in 2023.

The band were recently reportedly set to be the first act to perform at the new MSG Sphere when the arena opens next year, with a “multi-show residency” pencilled in at the $1.8billion ($1.58billion) venue.

The dates were also said to be non-consecutive and will be spread out over several months.

The residency would mark U2’s first confirmed live concerts since December 2019.

Now, Bono has refused to deny that the band will be performing in Vegas in a new interview with The Brendan O’Connor Show.

U2 CREDIT: Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

“I can’t announce Vegas, you’d have to shoot me! But if it happens, I can promise you it won’t be like anything you’ve ever seen in Las Vegas or anywhere, ever,” he said.

“There’s no place yet big enough. For us to go, it has to be something that no-one’s ever gone [to] before.”

Meanwhile, Bono recently performed a special solo version of U2’s ‘With Or Without You’ on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert earlier this week.

He appeared on the show to talk about his new memoir Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story, which came out on Tuesday (November 1).

Bono is currently out on a 14-date book tour dubbed ‘Stories Of Surrender’, which kicked off in New York City on Wednesday (November 2). He’ll bring the event to the UK and Ireland later this month.

The 576-page Surrender… explores the origins of 40 key songs in U2’s extensive discography. Each chapter is named after the track it covers, with Bono’s life story weaved throughout.

In one section, the singer revealed that he underwent an eight-hour heart operation in 2016 to repair a “blister” on his aorta. “A blister that’s about to burst,” he wrote, “which would put me in the next life faster than I can make an emergency call.”

Elsewhere in the book, Bono talked about discovering that his cousin is also his half-brother, the alleged death threats he’s received in his life, and the 2014 backlash in which U2 arranged for their album ‘Songs Of Innocence‘ to be automatically downloaded onto the devices of 500million iTunes users.

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