Bodie Shines With ‘Golden Hour’ Performance on ‘The Voice’

“Shine, it’s your golden hour.” Bodie knows what time it is, and he didn’t let the chance go slipping by.

During Monday night’s (Nov. 28) Live Top 10 Performances on NBC’s The Voice, the California native performed a modern classic, JVKE’s 2022 release “Golden Hour.”

The stirring number allowed Bodie to showcase his well of talents, from rapping to singing, with range and power notes.

Performing with a string quartet, the 29-year-old got coach Camila Cabello on her feet. Afterwards, Blake Shelton remarked that it “may be the hardest song” he’d heard someone attempt to perform on The Voice. “I was also thinking,” he continued, “this may be the greatest performance I’ve ever seen on this show.”

He added, “You’re incredible, dude. I don’t even know what else to say.”

Shelton’s missus Gwen Stefani noted, “You definitely have your own lane. I’m always amazed by your voice.”

Many have been amazing by Bodie’s vocals and abilities throughout his journey on season 22 of The Voice.

During the blind auditions, all four coaches turned their chairs for the singer, after he performed The Fray’s “You Found Me”. Ultimately, he joined Team Blake.

He won through in a battle with Jaeden Luke on Justin Bieber‘s “As Long as You Love Me,” earning high praise from Cabello: “You were even better than I remember in your blind. Your runs were crazy, then your belts were masterful. You were flawless.”

And last week, during the Top 13 Live show, he impressed yet again with his transformation of The Proclaimers’ 1980s hit “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”. Stefani was moved to say that she’s “in awe” of the singer. “I’m crying, first of all,” she remarked. “Second of all, you are so gifted, and so talented… I can’t believe you’re not a huge star yet.”

There’s still time.

Now, America can now vote for the artists to progress into the Top 8.

Watch below.

Lars Brandle