Blind Mutation Drops Hypnotic Single, “Shadows”

Russian producer, DJ and composer Blind Mutation continues to flourish as a composer and DJ while releasing music/videos. She’s released a variety of long mixes on Soundcloud capturing different styles and sounds within techno and experimental electronic music. Her biggest influences are Aphex Twin, Arca, Clams Casino, Hans Zimmer, I Hate Models, Jon Hopkins, Clint Mansell and Svarog, which explains her impressively wide array of musical talents. She’s truly an exciting artist to watch who’s creativity seems limitless.

She recently released a hypnotic, ambient techno track called “Shadows” accompanied by an equally stunning video – mining her creative depths to shine a welcome light on mental health issues and related struggles. Blind Mutation shares that she has dealt with these struggles since childhood, but now uses them to inspire her own creative path within music, as well as inspiring others with her work.

The song encompasses a beauty of its own, backed by a driving beat and uplifting rhythms that cut through the initial darkness of the track, offering glimmers of hope. The video is visually compelling and stands on its own, expressing the confusing inner journey of a person who feels trapped within their own mental prison. It’s extremely unnerving and utterly captivating at the same time. Created in collaboration with long-time Ukrainian creative partner All Around, the video recently won Best Experimental video at the Indie Online Film Festival and continues to impress as it gains traction.

Here’s what Blind Mutation had to say about it:

“‘Shadows’ is a dark ambient techno track with a horrifying yet melancholic ambience. I wrote it in a state of extreme despair, numbness and emptiness. It represents the conflict of feeling desensitized and dissociated from the world around you while feeling extreme pain and misery at the same time. The prevalence of cold horror-like sounds and a repetitive drum pattern portrays the disintegrating inner state of the artist.

The video attempts to translate a close interrelation between reality and illusion that blend into each other in the darkest corners of our minds. The music video allows the audience to observe the main character’s inner world and dive deep into the character’s consciousness.”

Watch below!

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