‘Blaseball’ returns for a new season of absurdist horror, but delays mobile app

Blaseball. Credit: The Game Band.

The Game Band has announced that the newest season of Blaseball, a horror-fantasy baseball game, kicks off today (January 9).

The latest season launched at 3PM today and The Game Band teased that it will send players into a “new era of unruly gods and deadly competition.”

“This era will mark the debut of an entirely new kind of Blaseball, formed via the supermassive black hole that ended the previous universe,” shared The Game Band. “The Pre Season already saw players drafted onto different teams, and over the course of the story additional features and aspects of the game will be burped out by the black hole – drastically changing the narrative and the very foundations of the game itself. What could possibly go wrong?”

However, the planned launch of Blaseball‘s mobile app has been delayed, as The Game Band needs “more time to fine-tune the experience”. While the app was intended to launch alongside the new season, it is now planned to arrive “a few weeks” later – though the game is still playable via the Blaseball website.

Blaseball is an absurdist horror spin on fantasy baseball, and around players betting on fictional teams like the Canada Moist Talkers and Mexico City Wild Wings. Players can also vote on the game’s rules and because Blaseball has an interactive story, this means that players’ votes can influence the game’s story.

Back in October, Blaseball held the Fall Ball, which returned past Blaseball players to the competition and offered the community a chance to earn collective prizes.

In other horror news, indie studio Aarre Entertainment has announced The Infernal Masquerade: a game that combines Minesweeper and The Traitors by dropping players into a vampire-infested masquerade.

The title is currently available to download for free, and is “coming soon” to Steam.

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