Billboard Launches Fan-Centric Music Community with Bebops

Following the success of Billboard ChartStars, Billboard and Web3 technology partner Unblocked are launching a new venture that’s out of this world. Bebops are Billboard’s latest NFT community, bridging the gap between music fans and Web3 enthusiasts. 

The Bebops are an alien species who are drawn to earth’s popular music. Like music stans, they always know what’s trending, who’s on the Billboard charts, and they are determined to make sure that fans are at the center of the next revolution in music: Web3. Each Bebop is a one-of-a-kind avatars that lives on the Flow Blockchain. Each Bebop is designed to have a unique combination of colors, facial features, and accessories.

Music fans who purchase a Bebop will get verified ownership of their Bebop avatar and access to an exclusive, fan-centric community on Discord. The Bebops community will be an online space for fans to share their passion for all things music, whether it be the latest Billboard Hot 100 chart or discussing a new album drop. Billboard and Unblocked also plan to celebrate the community with fan-centric experiences as Bebops continue to grow.

“I am thrilled to support Billboard Bebops and explore the limitless potential Web3 has to create new music experiences driven by community, playfulness, and personal taste,” says Dana Droppo, Chief Brand Officer of Billboard.

Billboard Bebops will be available on Billboard ChartStars on Tuesday, December 6, starting at 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT. For more information on pricing, availability and becoming a member of the Bebops community, click here.

James Dinh