Beware of Scammers Posing as Billboard Contributors

It’s come to our attention that there are scammers on social media asking people for money in exchange for Billboard coverage. To state it clearly: Billboard contributors never accept money in exchange for Billboard coverage.


If someone reaches out to you asking for money in exchange for coverage in print or online, please do not send that person money. These social media accounts are not affiliated with Billboard in any fashion, although many of them pretend to be. Many of these accounts post photos, articles and biographical information they’ve copied from real Billboard contributors’ social media accounts.

Please beware of the numerous imposters currently running this scam. While we report these accounts, we do not have the ability to ban or freeze these social media accounts ourselves. If a social media user asks you for payment and promises Billboard coverage, block the user and report the account to the social media platform directly.

You can find Billboard‘s contact information here.

Joe Lynch