Beth Stern Names Foster Cat After ‘Angel’ Taylor Swift Following Singer’s Donation to Animal Rescue

Taylor Swift may be the “Anti-Hero” in some regards, but not when it comes to cats. Animal advocate Beth Stern revealed Sunday (Dec. 18) that the pop star made a big donation to her pet rescue foundation Beth’s Furry Friends, and in return, she named a new foster cat in honor of Swift, who turned 33 years old on Dec. 13.

“Welcome new foster from Oman!!” wrote the Kitten Bowl host, sharing a photo of the new kitty. “Her name is Angel Taylor in honor of recent birthday girl, Taylor Swift who sent me a sizable donation to Beth’s Furry Friends to help me save more lives.”


“When I learned about this horrifically abused kitty who was beaten and had her ears cut off, I reached out to @street_cats_of_oman to ask if I could assist in her journey to much needed medical help and a forever family,” Stern continued. “She arrived to JFK on the day that Taylor sent me her generous donation.”

The Oh My Dog! author, who is married to radio star Howard Stern, has a lot in common with Swift when it comes to feline fondness. The “All Too Well” singer has long been open about her love for cats — “Guess I’ll just stumble on home to my cats,” she sings on “Gorgeous” — and has adopted three of her own: Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin.

Stern, meanwhile, has been caring for cats in need through Beth’s Furry Friends for years, and is also a spokesperson for and a board member of the North Shore Animal League. According to her website, she has provided spay/neuter care, foster care and facilitated adoptions for more than 2,000 kitties.

“Kitty Angel Taylor is currently being assessed at my specialist vet hospital,” Stern concluded her post. “I can’t wait to love her and help her heal and find her a forever family. Thank you, Taylor Swift, for helping me save more Angels. You are truly one yourself.”

See the foster kitty Beth Stern named after Taylor Swift below:

Hannah Dailey