‘Bayonetta’’s original voice actor responds to being called a “gold digger”


Hellena Taylor, the original voice of Bayonetta, has issued a statement following accusations that she is a “liar and gold digger” during a prolonged public dispute over casting and wages for voice actors.

The dispute began when Taylor originally posted a series of videos to her Twitter alleging that she was offered an “insulting” fee of £3,500 ($4,000) from developer PlatinumGames to reprise her role for the upcoming Bayonetta 3, with Taylor going on to ask fans of the series to “boycott” the new installment.

It was then reported that Taylor had been offered somewhere between £2,700 ($3,000) and £3,600 ($4,000) per session, for at least five recording sessions totaling around £13,220 ($15,000). The claims were made by anonymous sources who then confirmed they had received documentation to support the figures.

Taylor spoke to VGC to state that the figures were “categorically untrue” but has now issued a further statement on her Twitter page after criticism online contained allegations that she was a “liar and gold digger”.

“It has come to my attention that some people are calling me a liar and gold digger. I feel the need to defend myself and my reputation in the industry,” Taylor begins.

“As I posted on part three of my video thread. I explained that their first offer was too low. That offer was 10,000 dollars total. Remember, this is [a] 450million dollar franchise, (not counting merchandise.)” she continued.

Taylor reiterated her point that she wrote in Japanese to the Bayonetta series creator, Hideki Kamiya, asking for what she felt she was worth. “I thought that as a creative, he would understand,” Taylor said. “He replied saying how much he valued my contribution to the game and how much the fans wanted me to voice the game. I was then offered an extra 5,0000!” It appears this is a typing error and Taylor means 5,000.

Taylor continued, “So, I declined to voice the game. I then heard nothing from them for 11 months. They then offered me a flat fee to voice some lines for $4,000. Any other lies, such as $4,000 for 5 sessions are total fabrications.”

Bayonetta 2. Credit: PlatinumGames

Taylor then goes on to state that there were no “excessive negotiations” and that she has been informed of “ridiculous fictions, such as I asked for 250,000 dollars.” Taylor expressed that she is a “team player” and was “just asking for a fair, living wage in line with the value that I bring to this game”.

A final tweet from Taylor said, “I was paid a shockingly low total of £3,000 total for the first game. A little more for the second. I wanted to voice her. I have drummed up interest in this game ever since I started on Twitter in 2011.”

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