ASTRO’s Moonbin and Sanha are mad scientists in the music video for new single ‘Madness’

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ASTRO duo Moobin and Sanha have returned with their latest single ‘Madness’, lifted from their freshly released EP ‘Incense’.

Both ‘Madness’ and ‘Incense’ were released today (January 4) at 6pm KST, alongside an accompanying music video for the lead single, shared on the group’s YouTube channel. In the new visual, Moonbin and Sanha play mad scientists who lounge around a laboratory, mixing chemicals.

“Feeling like heaven, it’s too early / My obsession hasn’t even started / It’s beyond any one’s control, a scent silently spread / It’s smudging even more towards you,” they croon in the pre-chorus just as the beat drops.

‘Madness’ was co-written by Moonbin, who has also been credited as a lyricist and co-composer for the B-side ‘이끌려’ (which loosely translates to ‘Carried Away’), while Sanha helped write and compose ‘바람’ (‘Wind’). Other songs on ‘Incense’ include ‘Perfumer’, ‘Chup Chup’ and ‘Your day’.

The new record marks the third release by the ASTRO subunit, who first debuted in 2020 with the mini-album ‘In-Out’, led by the single ‘Bad Idea’. Moonbin and Sanha made their first comeback as a duo in March 2022 with their sophomore mini-album ‘Refuge’, which included the singles ‘Ghost Town’ and ‘Who’.

In an interview with NME, the duo spoke about the differences in musical direction between the subunit and ASTRO. “For ASTRO, we have a much brighter, more refreshing mood. But as a unit, we’re headed in a different, dark direction,” said Moonbin. “There is more of a message in our minds, internally. We try to explore maturity [more deeply].”

Meanwhile, ASTRO’s last release as a full group was their May studio album ‘Drive To The Starry Road’, which featured the title track ‘Candy Sugar Pop’. The record arrived a week after member MJ began his mandatory military service, though the idol participated in the recording of the album and music video.

Both Moonbin and Sanha are among the four members of ASTRO who have renewed their contracts with agency Fantagio Music. Members Rocky and MJ have yet to conclude discussions with the agency about contract renewal, it was reported last week, the latter due to his ongoing military service.

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