Ashley Judd Says She Fractured Leg in ‘Freak Accident’ While Grieving for Mom Naomi Judd

Ashley Judd revealed on Wednesday (Oct. 26) that she suffered a freak injury this summer and fractured her leg in the wake of her mother Naomi Judd‘s death.

According to the actress, who shared the story (per The Hollywood Reporter) during a Zoom conversation with UCLA professor Dr. Jonathan Flint for the university’s Open Mind lecture series, the fracture was “just this freak accident” that thankfully “healed in two months, lickety-split.”


“It was what it was,” she said. “Clumsiness is associated with grief, and there were other people in our family, after Mom died, who fell down stairs and had accidents, and that’s just what mine happened to look like. It really allowed me to grieve. It really allowed me to stop what I was working on at that moment and to grieve.”

Over the course of the hourlong discussion, Judd reflected on her mother’s April passing by suicide, saying, “There’s a lot going on in my life right now. We’re approaching the [six] month anniversary of my mom’s passing and my sister’s on tour. I’m seeing two of the concerts this weekend, which brings up a lot of deep poignancy, both joy and sorrow.”

The Divergent star also made reference to the “legal piece of what’s going on with my family” during the chat, hinting at the possible legal battle with Wynonna Judd over Naomi’s will and estate — though the younger half of The Judds shot down any speculation of tension between the siblings just a few days ago. “We love each other and we show up for each other. We don’t agree on much but we support one another,” Wynonna said on TODAY while promoting her ongoing tour.

Though The Judds: The Final Tour was originally scheduled to wrap this Saturday (Oct. 29), Wynonna announced earlier this week that she was extending the tour with 15 more shows through 2023 to continue honoring Naomi’s legacy.

Glenn Rowley