Apple Music to Raise Subscription Prices Starting Today

Apple is increasing the prices of its Apple Music subscription plans in the U.S. starting Monday (Oct. 24), the company confirmed to Billboard.

In a statement, Apple noted that the Apple Music price hike is due to an increase in licensing costs, “and in turn, artists and songwriters will earn more for the streaming of their music. We also continue to add innovative features that make Apple Music the world’s best listening experience.”

The subscription prices of Apple TV+ and Apple One plans are also being raised, the company confirmed.


Prices are increasing $1 per month for Apple Music individual plans (from $9.99 to $10.99), $2 per month for family plans (from $14.99 to $16.99) and $10 per year for annual plans (from $99 to $109). Its bundled Apple One subscriptions are increasing $2 per month for individual plans (from $14.95 to $16.95) and $3 per month for family and premier plans — from $19.95 to $22.95 and $29.95 to $32.95, respectively. Notably, Apple Music subscriptions will continue to include lossless and Spatial Audio at no additional charge.

This marks the first time Apple has raised subscription prices for these services in the U.S. The website 9to5Mac, which first reported on the increases, also reported that Apple would increase its raise prices in international markets, though the company had not confirmed that by press time.

Though Apple does not regularly report subscriber numbers, in June, J.P. Morgan estimated Apple Music could hit 110 million subscribers by 2025. The lat time the company reported subscriber numbers for Apple Music was in 2019, when it reported 60 million subscribers to the service.

The Apple Music price hike comes amid reports that Spotify could be charging $19.99 a month for its forthcoming premium HiFi subscription tier, though the company has not yet confirmed that. Earlier this month, YouTube raised the price of its YouTube Premium Family plan, which includes its music subscription service, from $17.99 to $22.99 per month.

Chris Eggertsen