‘Apex Legends’ showcases Broken Moon map ahead of Season 15 launch

Ahead of the November 1 launch of Apex Legends‘ 15th season, developer Respawn Entertainment has given players a quick look at the game’s new map, Broken Moon.

Apex Legends’ fifth map takes players to Cleo, a moon that was fractured after a catastrophic meteor strike. To fund the colonisation of the partially-terraformed moon, the government has entered into a contract with the Syndicate to host the Apex Games there.

The moon was last seen in the latest Stories from the Outlands video, in which Respawn unveiled the game’s first transgender Legend Catalyst, who comes from Cleo.

Broken Moon, which promises to be of a similar size to the World’s Edge map, is half colonised – with one side of the map barren, while the other half is colonised and rich with vegetation. The terraformer itself can be found in the center of the map, providing a “king of the hill” drop location filled with loot, where up to four teams can find comfortable landing spots.

Players can traverse the new map by making use of a number of zip rails, which have been set up to transport players between various points of interest. Respawn notes that the zip rails offer the same functionality as the game’s existing zip lines, but provide increased speed and momentum.

There’s plenty of points of interest to zip between too, with the map focusing on large structures that provide landing spots for multiple squads, offering players time to loot before the shooting begins. And of course, should things get hairy, safety is just a quick zip rail away.

A full breakdown of what to expect in the new map, as well as more information on the points of interest, can be found via a blog post from principal level designer Randolph Stayer.

In other gaming news, servers for the 2012 version of Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition will not be re-instated on PC, due to “an ageing system.”

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