‘Apex Legends’ introduces first transgender legend Catalyst

In a new Stories from the Outlands video, a new legend is introduced to Apex Legends in the form of Catalyst, who confirms herself that she is transgender in the clip.

With only a short while until season 14 ends on November 8, Apex Legends has begun teasing upcoming new additions to the game. By crafting a golden ticket in-game, players will get access to the “A New Home” teaser tomorrow (October 18). Respawn hasn’t given any information away as to what’s in this teaser, but has today released a new Stories from the Outlands video on its Apex Legends Twitter account.

The video introduces Catalyst, a new legend who is a defensive character and comes from Boreas’ moon, Cleo. Catalyst, real name Tressa, revealed in the video that she is transgender. During a conversation in a flashback Catalyst says, “I feel like the whole world has opened up, now that I’m myself.” Catalyst’s friend Margo tells her, “You’re a lot stronger than you realise, you’ve already been through so much” before Catalyst replies, “Transitioning. That was sort of hard.”

“But look at you now, you’ll go on to do great things,” Margo replies, before the two go on to discuss a plan to save Cleo. An action-filled sequence follows, with the two breaking in to stop a device built to “strip” Cleo, and Catalyst has her first experience with ferrofluid, which could be something used within her abilities when she comes to the game.

As the two break in to set a bomb, Catalyst expresses doubt at the plan and urges Margo to stop, but not before they’re caught and Margo is captured. As she’s led away, she detonates the bomb, before the scene cuts to the present day and Catalyst explains that her crystals told her she had to come to Boreas to protect her true home – which is a hint towards a new map.

Now that Catalyst has been confirmed in this Stories from the Outlands video she becomes the first transgender woman to enter the Apex Legends universe.

In other news, Obisidian founder Feargus Urquhart has shared that the studio would make another Fallout game if given the opportunity.

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