Anya Taylor-Joy’s first time driving a car was for “crazy” ‘Furiosa’ stunts

Anya Taylor-Joy has revealed that her first time driving a car was for the “crazy” stunts she performed in Furiosa, the upcoming prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road.

During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, The Menu actress discussed a recent clip she had posted on Instagram, in which she’s seen performing a 180 handbrake turn as part of her training for Furiosa.

“What’s really crazy and slightly upsetting about that is that that’s my first time in a car,” Taylor-Joy told Norton, adding that she doesn’t yet have a driving license.

“So I don’t have a license, I can’t parallel-park, I can’t go on the highway. I still don’t have one, but I can do that [a 180 handbrake turn]. At some point that will come in handy, I’m assuming.”

The actress recently finished filming the prequel to George Miller’s 2015 action hit, which will see her portray a younger version of Imperator Furiosa, the character previously played by Charlize Theron.

In an interview with IndieWire, she said that filming the project was the “dirtiest” and “bloodiest” experience of her career.

“I’ve been on a different planet for the last seven months,” said Taylor-Joy. “I think I need to sit down and attempt to try and digest what’s happened over the last seven months. But I’m incredibly, incredibly proud of it, and so proud of all of the people I got to work with, and just the amount of love and effort and work that went into it, I’m excited to see it.”

She continued: “It’s the dirtiest and the bloodiest I have ever been, which is saying something, genuinely saying something.

“Any time I get to be dirty or bloody and not perfectly prim and pretty, I’m just having a ball. That’s where I feel most comfortable. So yeah, Furiosa was definitely right up my street.”

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