American McGee has paid back a 25-year-old loan from id Software’s John Carmack with money from his plushie company

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American McGee, a game developer who worked on various id Software titles in the ‘90s, has paid back a loan to the studio’s founder John Carmack after 25 years.

McGee joined id Software in the ‘90s and worked on the likes of Doom, Quake and Quake 2. He was fired in 1998 due to “internal politics and my own failings,” but was apparently never given a reason by id Software. He joined EA shortly afterward and worked as creative director on American Mcgee’s Alice which spawned a number of spin-off projects. McGee also currently runs a plushie company.

It’s that company that’s allowed him to pay back a loan to former boss John Carmack.

“When I first started getting successful in my 20s, I went through a period where I loaned money to anyone that asked me,” Carmack said on Twitter, before revealing that “well into six figures went out” for a variety of reasons.

“Most of the people just never spoke of it again, and I didn’t press them on it. It was a learning experience for me, calibrating some general people behavior. I don’t think anyone intended to not pay me back, but things often just don’t work out the way you plan. To my surprise, nearly 25 years later, one of the larger debts has been repaid,” he continued.

“American McGee was a close friend and co-worker on Quake, and I often fronted him ‘advances’ for various reasons. He wound up doing game development in China, and I wished him well, but I only had sporadic contact with him.,” said Carmack.

McGee apparently got back in contact with Carmack and said “that it had always weighed on him, his latest business was doing well, and he wanted to pay me back. I found this moving after all this time, and I get to push a nice positive update into my personal ‘model of how people behave’.”

“It is also an interesting lesson that after decades in the game industry, he is seeing his biggest success making plushies. Always keep your eyes open for new opportunities,” he added.

Replying to the thread, McGee wrote: “Thank you, John. You’ve always been an inspiration. And you radically changed my life more than any (non parent) person. I’ll always owe you a debt of gratitude. But happy that this other debt is now behind us. “

“Thank you, for your kindness and inspiration. You plucked me out of a difficult life and set me on a radically different path,” he added.

Late last year, Doom Eternal composer Mick Gordon claimed that current id Software studio director Marty Stratton “humiliated” him with a series of “lies” about his work.

Bethesda issued a statement in response, saying the allegations are “unjust”.

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