Al Strobel, the one armed man in ‘Twin Peaks’, has died at 83

Al Strobel

Twin Peaks star Al Strobel, who played Phillip Gerard in the drama series, has died at the age of 83.

Strobel’s passing was announced on Facebook yesterday (December 3) by producer and long-time David Lynch collaborator Sabrina Sutherland, with the Twin Peaks: The Return executive producer writing: “I am sad to have to post that Al Strobel passed away last night. I loved him dearly.”

The actor, who lost his left arm in a car accident when he was 17, appeared in every iteration of Twin Peaks as Gerard, a man who cut off his own arm to stop an evil entity from possessing him.

Strobel appeared in a handful of films, including 1990’s Megaville alongside Billy Zane, and Ricochet River with Kate Hudson. Strobel had retired by the early 2000s, but briefly stepped back into acting to reprise his role as Gerard in Twin Peaks: The Return in 2017.

Sabrina Sutherland reports on Facebook that Al Strobel has passed away
CREDIT: Sabrina Sutherland/Facebook

Mark Frost, the series’ co-creator, was one of the first to pay tribute to Strobel: “Oh no…Dear Al…as those of you lucky enough to have met him over the years, what a warm and wonderful gentleman he was. RIP, friend,” he wrote.

Dana Ashbrook, who played bad boy jock-turned-cop Bobby Briggs, added: “Sad, sad news…love Al. He was the sweetest of men.”

Producer Harley Peyton also expressed his condolences. “As authentic an actor as I ever met. So precise so real. RIP. Al,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the cast of Twin Peaks recently reunited for a group dinner, and marked the occasion with a photo.

The series originally premiered on ABC in 1990, and ran for two seasons which spanned 30 episodes. The show then returned in 2017 for a third season, which featured 18 episodes.

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