Adele Shares Sciatica Diagnosis During Las Vegas Residency: ‘I Have to Waddle These Days’

At her New Year’s Eve show in Las Vegas on Saturday, Adele revealed to the crowd that she’s been suffering from sciatica.

“I have to waddle these days as I have really bad sciatica,” she said as she moved from one side of the stage at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, according to a report by Cosmopolitan UK.


Sciatica affects the nerve that goes through your lower back, hips and backside and down each of your legs, and Adele has been characteristically up front about other back issues she’s dealt with over the years as well. “I’ve been in pain with my back for, like, half of my life, really,” she said in an interview with The Face for its Winter 2021 issue. “It flares up, normally due to stress or from a stupid bit of posture.

“I slipped my first disc when I was 15 from sneezing,” Adele added. “I was in bed and I sneezed and my fifth one flew out. In January, I slipped my sixth one, my L6. And then where I had a C-section, my core was useless. But where I got my tummy strong, down at the bottom, which I never had before, my back don’t play up as much.”

Her health problems didn’t stop the “I Drink Wine” singer from celebrating another chapter of her ongoing Sin City residency, Weekends With Adele, on social media, posting photos from her very last concert of 2022 and writing, “Weekend 7 Happy New Year to You and Yours,” punctuated by a red heart emoji.

Check out Adele’s New Year’s post from Vegas below.

Glenn Rowley